Fresh & Best Quality Meat

We are providing fresh and best quality meat and direct deliver to your door step. Our main products are:

  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Mutton
  • Beef

If you have any question

Feel free to reach us and we are a call away.

Our Company

Reading Halal is a modern online Halal meat store that offers a variety of hand butchered (Zabihah) Halal meat. Fresh premium beef, mutton, lamb meat and chicken.

Reading Halal is Readings top online Halal certified meat retailer that meet the unique needs of Halal meat consumers. As halal butchers in Reading Town, we also pride ourselves on being the most advanced online meat store in the area. The innovation is based on the determination of the unresolved challenges faced by the Reading Muslims due to COVID-19 outbreak, it also gives us an opportunity to focus all our energy on providing fresh and healthy Halal meat to our customers.

What Do We Do

We are one of the leading experts in premium quality halal meat, providing our customers with quality Halal meat in the UK. We bring fresh Zabihah halal meat, beef, chicken, mutton and lamb to healthy families across the country without genetic modification or growth hormones.
Our organic lambs, mutton, beef and chicken (Zabihah) are hand slaughtered and approved by the British Halal Food Administration.

Reading Halal is an online store where you can buy halal lamb, halal beef, halal poultry, halal meat and halal roast in high quality and just a few clicks.

Our goal is to provide you with free delivery service to buy halal meat online and the most efficient service. Most orders will be shipped out on the next available delivery date.

Why Us

We do not agree with the factory processed meat that is condensed in the supply chain process, thus depriving its natural nutrients. Zabihah Halal slaughter meat is always 100% fresh and can be raised and processed from healthy and young cattle to achieve the best taste, texture and special dining experience.

Our main goal is to provide customers with the highest quality slaughtered and processed meat in a healthy environment. In addition, we provide customers with all kinds of cut meat. You also avoid queues, crowded parking spaces and gas bills and spend time with your family. With Reading Halal’s free home delivery service, you have everything.

Halal-certified lamb, poultry, beef, lamb and quail are all from organic sources. They are freshly prepared and delivered to your fingertips in affordable packaging. We pack fresh halal meat according to your instructions and bring it to your home. Our customers enjoy much delivery satisfaction.

All our meat has undergone strict hygienic testing and processing to meet international compliance standards confirming its quality standards.

We believe that food should be of quality, variety and affordability. Healthier and better food does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money, which is why we will do our best to increase competitiveness and reflect our prices seasonally.

Customer satisfaction is important and comfort is guaranteed.

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